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title: this stupid thing with a stupid dumbass guy
author: loveyoutaeminlee
characters: jung sarang, kris (exo), l.joe (teen top)
fanfic summary: jung sa rang (you) was the daughter of a famous well-known were the only child in the family. but besides that your dad’s/mom’s/sa rang’s(you) company was about to go bankrupt. your parents started to panic but suddenly they both found an idea…..the worst idea they could think of. sure they were sad about you but they think it’ll be best for the company. you just had to bare with it….for the rest of your life with ‘him’.

fanfic link.

title: that xx
author: kaisbicc_
characters: kai, hwang hye jin
fanfic summary: hwang hye jin’s transferred to a new school; school of performing arts, seoul and moved in to korea. she met her next best friend, choi sulli. she have a crush to the cool guy, oh sehun and she met his best friend, the hottest guy in school; kim jong in who actually sex addict with his girlfriend, jung bo ra. what will happen?

this is your new world, hwang hye jin.

fanfic link.

title: until you’re eighteen ♥
author: xannyeong and akitaka
characters: lee kyung soon, oh sehun, kim jongin
fanfic summary: lee kyung soon (이 큥순) is a normal girl. her family is 100% south korean, and her family are the only two generations to have moved from south korea. they are also one of the most powerful families in south korea. the lee family is determined to keep korean in the family for as long as possible. kyung-soon’s generation is no exception. she is only 15, though. arranged marriage is definitely a thought in their minds.

but, the thing is; kyung-soon doesn’t want to. she denies it with a fury.

oh sehun (오 세훈) is not at all normal. he’s blown up into a k-pop star in the band exo-k, and is currently loving it. he is the sweet maknae. sehun was cast in 2008, making his true first appearance in 2012. he was, though, normal…once. before exo-k. before it all. he used to love to chill by the han river.

&once upon a time, he knew kyung soon.

and he kidnaps her.(;

will she fall for him out of requirement, or her pure will?

how is this story going to turn out for them? it’ll definitely be one heck of a ride.

fanfic link.

title: from a distance
author: atiamexists
characters: jung sooyoung, lee donghae
fanfic summary: sooyoung is a simple sophomore girl. she fell in love with the famous senior guy donghae. he doesn’t notice her. and unfortunately, donghae has a girlfriend. soon, as the days pass donghae will notice her.

fanfic link.